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Our Ensemble

Fiddle Fingers started in 1999 as an end of term get-together for younger players to play Christmas carols. It grew very quickly into 2 groups, then 3, and within a few years was meeting for weekly rehearsals at Holy Trinity Church in Ripon, which has become our home. The emphasis for the Starter Strings group is learning through games (favourites being the slow bow race, note murder, control of polos on bow ends, and ping pong scales), as well as easy pieces. Players progress into the higher standard groups when they are ready, but our ethos is that many of our advanced players remain in the early group as helpers/tutors. This has brought benefits to both younger and older learners alike.


At Fiddle Fingers, we pride ourselves on our community spirit; we feel like one big family. This has led to many of our members forming smaller groups and growing their own ensembles, leading to successful performances across the region.


We are also very pleased to be supporting our members in their Duke of Edinburgh awards, as some members of our Concert Strings and Training Strings ensembles use the tutoring work with the junior ensemble as their volunteering work for the 'DofE' awards.  

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